Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
Our network allows us to provide the expertise that can benefit healthcare companies, (incl. private clinics) involved in the financing, asset disposal, strategic re-engineering and various other services.

Healthcare companies face unique challenges to keep up with both current and future trends in legislation, changing market conditions and consumer behaviour. Delfi Partners & Company works with various private hospitals and international healthcare investors to deliver real value. Healthcare providers realise the need to deliver the best value care possible. Changing regulatory policies, combined with pressure from both employers and consumers drive the pressure to become more efficient at delivering lower operational cost, higher quality health care.

Our collaborative network of experts allows us to provide the appropriate expertise that can benefit organizations (private clinics & hospitals) involved in the financing, asset disposal and exit planning, management, and delivery of various health care services. We have created long-standing relationships with the most active investors in the healthcare marketplace. The moment Delfi Partners & Co was formed, it realised trust and credibility in countless relationships aggregated by those of its founding members, its advisory board, and its strategic partners.

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